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A professional quality paint job will instantly boost the resale value of any home or business. Hire us as your Charlotte exterior painting company to get the best job at the best price.

Our professionalism and experience will transform your next exterior painting project into an original work of art. We are as unobtrusive as possible and our exterior painting technicians are clean and professional, we know there are many choices in life, which is why we work hard to be the best choice when it comes to painting.

There are many things that go into a quality Paintline Painting job. It includes properly covering areas of the yard, home or office, during our work, cleaning the area on a daily basis, and treating your home as if it were our own.

Before We Start Your Exterior House Painting Job...

  • First we start with the washing of the house! A clean surface is the basis for any lasting paint coating system. We use a combination of low pressure and high pressure depending upon the surface and its conditions. Lower pressure of course will not remove paint as easily as higher pressure, so we may use low to clean claps free of dirt and mildew if we are not painting them. We also prefer low to clean and restore decks and siding as it offers a safer way to clean with out damaging. We design our washing based on each project and its needs, often using multiple cleaners and pressures based on the surfaces to clean and the coatings we are to apply. We then allow proper time to dry and when in doubt we check with our meters, specifically created to test for moisture in our substrates.
  • Once clean and dry, all areas of loose paint or coatings should be scraped and sanded. Extra sanding and smoothing can be performed for cosmetic considerations (feather or strip) if you would like. Please let us know if you desire extra sanding or preparation other than standard to be performed so we may price and perform as you would like.
  • All loose nails are re-nailed, and older loose caulking is removed as needed.We putty all nails and caulk all seams on trim as needed to seal unsightly gaps and prevent moisture penetration; seams on claps are caulked as well for same reasons.
  • Some older windows will require us to remove loose glazing and re-glaze as needed. Downspouts are also removed to properly paint all corners.
  • We prime for specific reasons as well. Most of our high end coating systems are actually self priming! We prime to retard knots from bleeding, retard tannin or cedar bleeding, or increase adhesion. There are many different reasons to prime and many primers to choose from. We identify each areas needs and prime accordingly!
  • We can remove and replace rotted wood. We will advise on damaged wood as we come across it!


Our Charlotte Exterior Painting Provides the Following Services

  • House Painting
  • Outdoor Painting
  • Deck painting
  • Exterior Home Painting
  • Exterior House Painting
  • Residential House Painting
  • House Painting Exteriors
  • Outside Home Painting
  • Outside House Painting

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We Provide Exterior Painting in the Following Towns in North Carolina:

Charlotte, NC | Concord, NC | Cornelius, NC | Gastonia, NC | Harrisburg, NC | Huntersville, NC | Matthews, NC | Mint Hill, NC | Monroe, NC | Mooresville, NCAnd more

What Charlotte Homeowners Are Saying About Our Exterior Painting Services

" Finally we found a Exterior Painting company in Charlotte that is Honest, they showed up on time and performed a quality paint job on our home. We were in a rush to get the painting done before Christmas and Paintline gave us a great quote and we were so impressed with what other people had to say we gave them the job on the spot. Thanks for the great work! "
- Dan Egan, Charlotte, NCAnd more

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If you are looking for a Charlotte Exterior Painting Contractor or Exterior Painting Company in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas then please call 704-819-7493 or complete our online request form.

They painted our house yesterday and finished 5 interior rooms in 1 day and it looks perfect! I can't believe how straight the lines are on the ceiling and around the windows & doors…they did 2 coats on all the walls and it turned out great! […]
- Seth N.
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We had a great experience with Paintline Painting, They painted our entire home over the weekend and we are so happy with there work! We also had a great time with Josh and the crew they were all very nice to work with. […]
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